Relocating to Rio? Focal Point can help!

Focal Point assists multi-national companies get their employees settled into Rio de Janeiro and Macae by providing various services intended to save the employees time and money while adhering to their company´s relocation policies.

Focal Point is a Rio de Janeiro based company with representation in Macae to assist our Petroleum Industry clients with offices and facilities in either city.

Focal Point , with 18 years of industry experience, knows how to get things done in this ever changing environment and helps our clients get settled in and productive in as short a time as possible. We strive to antipate needs and exceed expectations. Our only commitment is to our clients.

We offer:

  • Post arrival assistance
  • Home finding
  • Brazilian documentation
  • At home in Brazil
  • Departure services
  • Other services

Our services can be bundled into “tailor made” packages to fit any company´s specifications.

24 hour mobile phone coverage and support in case of emergency.